The safest way to dig. Hydrovac trucks can be used for virtually any type of excavating using high-pressure water wands and a versatile vacuum boom. Hydrovac's are non-destructive and eliminate the need to hire multiple contractors when digging around existing underground utilities.

Services include:

  • Buried utility exposure
  • Slot trenching
  • Dump sites for a variety of waste Shoring
  • Dewatering
  • Sight hole drilling
  • Pile hole excavating
  • Heated water for winter digging


GW offers jetting and line thawing of any sort. Many of our trucks are equipped with burners to fight harsh winter conditions. Our Jetting truck can tackle pipes of any size, while our hydrovac trucks offer small line jetting/thawing.

Services include:

  • Flushing/Jetting sanitary and storm lines
  • Root and grease cutting
  • Cleaning/jetting of catch basins, drains, etc.
  • Thawing frozen/iced pipes, drains & culverts

Line Locating, Inspection & Roto Rooting

GW offers line locating services for all types of lines and pipes. Along with the locates, GW has both a portable push camera, and a state-of-the-art camera trailer for inspecting and r ecording any sort of sanitary or utility line. Along with these services, GW has numerous roto rooters to free up and clear lines of any debris.

Services include:

  • Locate pipes, communication lines, water lines, sanitary lines, and any type of utility pipe/cable
  • Portable camera inspection (1.5" 10" pipes)
  • Camera trailer inspection (6"-24" pipes) Sewer/water line inspection with mandrel
  • Roto rooting/jetting pipes for inspection

Industrial Cleaning

Our high-pressure water blasters make any sort of industrial cleaning quick and easy for customers. The vacuums on our truck suck up the mess and leave customers with clean products every time. Whether it be in a shop, kitchen, or any sort of tank/container, GW Vac is equipped to tackle any sort of cleaning job.

Services include:

  • Tank/container cleaning
  • Cleaning/repairing lift stations - Grease interceptors & traps
  • Shop/building grates, pits and sumps
  • Flood clean-up
  • Ditch, culvert and manhole cleaning


GW Vac has the equipment and resources to meet all hauling needs. From water to oil GW hauls it all.

Services include:

  • Potable water hauling
  • Septic hauling
  • Hazardous/dangerous goods hauling and clean-up

Backfill Services

Although we specialize in removing contents from the ground, GW also has the tools to backfill and clean-up the original job.

Services include:

  • Dump truck for any fill services
  • Trench/hole backfill and clean-up

Fibre Optics & Cables

Hydrovac trucks and man power make for an efficient combination when needing existing cables removed, or new ones pulled in.

Services include:

  • Fibre/cable pulling
  • Trenching for fibre/utilities
  • Conduit cleaning/clearing for fibre and utilities